water disinfection



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water disinfection

Technical Description of the LAZUR-M Ultraviolet Water Treatment System To print in Adobe Reader

1. Unit Description.

The Lazur-M system is designed for disinfection of drinking water from groundwater, rivers, dams and reservoirs. The system can be used to disinfect potable water in small settlements, recreational and educational facilities, rehabilitation centres, rest homes, medical centres, hospitals, agricultural cooperatives, meat and dairy industries, as well as in other commercial/industrial sites that usually use chlorine, chlorine-based products or ozone.

An advantage of the system is that it is fitted with a mercury lamp producing ultra-violet radiation in wavelengths of 253.7 nm - 80% and 185 nm with 20% of the combined radiation intensity within the wavelength range of 180-260 nm.

The Unit design is being continually refined therefore some insignificant variations  not described in this manual are possible.

2. Technical data.

2.1. Quality of untreated water:

general mineral contents
up to 1 g/litre
up to 3 g/litre
up to 50 degrees
not exceeding 0.3 mg/litre
temperature of water and ambient air
from +4 0C to +50 0C
contents of non-spore-based bacteria, (E-coli type)
up to 105 m.kl/litre
contents of spore-based bacterium, (B-cereus)
up to 104

2.2. Quality of treated water:

not exceeding 30 degrees
contents of non-spore-based bacteria, (E-coli type)
not exceeding 3
contents of spore-based bacterium, (B-cereus)
general number of microbes
up to 50
petroleum products content
up to 0.05 mg/litre

2.3. Ultraviolet Radiation - not less than 40 mJ/cm2

2.4. The Unit operates from a 220 V +/-5%, 50 Hz supply

2.5. Start up time - no more than 1 sec.

2.6. Service Life - not less than 16000 hours

2.7.If parameters untreated water quality (turbidity, colour, mineral contents) exceed those shown above, then the system can be fitted with a cavitation chamber to prevent bio-overgrowing and precipitation on the emitter.

2.8. The Unit can be made in several sizes having a range of outputs. Their parameters are shown in the table below:


Lazur M-05 Lazur M-1 Lazur M-3 Lazur M-10
0.5 1 3 10
Energy Consumption in W, not exceeding
16 20 50 80
Weight in kg, not exceeding
1 1.3 2.0 4.0
Physical size (maximum), mm
76x350 76x370 76x600 76(90)x1300
Water Pressure (operating) in Bar, not exceeding
3 3 4 4

2.9. If the Unit is fitted with a cavitator then an additional pre-treatment stage for water pre-cleaning is required.

3. System Design.


The system consists of a Ultraviolet photochemical reactor, an electrical supply unit, cavitator, ultrasonic emitter with a power supply unit. The photochemical reactor consists of hermetic casing with threaded inlet and outlet water connection. The Ultraviolet lamp is located centrally in the casing and consists of low pressure gas-discharge tube in a protective jacket which is permeable for ultra-violet radiation of 180-300 nm wavelength. A hermetic seal seals the tube from the ambient air and the space between the tube and protective jacket is filled with an inert gas. Two welded sockets 4 seal the casing with rubber seals. Sectional caps protect the connecting wires; the wires pass through holes in the rear and go to the electrical supply unit.

4. Pre-operational Procedures.

4.1. Position the casing with emitter vertically and fix it to any vertical surface.

4.2. Connect the Unit to a source of water supply ensuring that the treated water enters from underneath.

4.3. Fix the Electricity Supply Unit to an isolated surface in any position.

4.4. Pressure test the inlet and outlet water connections. Should the sockets leak, tighten union nuts.

5. Unit Operation.

Connect the Electricity Supply Unit to a 220 V (50 Hz) source. When the emitter stabilises (the starter stops making distinctive clicks and the light comes up through the casing ends), open the water isolating valve. Discard the first three litres of water. The Unit is capable to operate uninterruptedly even in the absence of water flow (but no longer than one hour).

6. Maintenance.

The system is highly reliable and trouble-free without any maintenance for up to 16000 hours. After 6 months of service, the casing and the protective jacket of the emitter should be washed to remove any precipitation (switch off water and electricity supply first!).The Unit can be dismantled in the following order: remove protective caps, disconnect electrical wires, unscrew socket union nuts, remove rubber seals from the protective jacket, remove the emitter from its casing. Wipe the protective jacket and wash the internal surface of casing with antiseptic solution. The Unit assembly should be done in the reverse order.




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