water disinfection



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water disinfection

Technical and Economic characteristics of equipment for water desinfection with ultraviolet rays treatment. To print in Adobe Reader


Model, Country, Field of application Productivety in L/min Cost of purification of 1 m3 of water, US$

Efficiency of Purification

Salination, micro-flora coverage of surfaces

Bacteria units/L

Spores units/L


1 MITA-Kian-200 France, State Programmes of Extreme Medicine 7.2 0.83 considerable from 106 to 102 from 106 to 105 not efficient
2 PROTERM (KSI 1-7) France 40.0 1.3 considerable from 106 to 102 from 106 to 104 not efficient
3 BIM-T, Great Britain Corp. Programmes USA-Britain  "The problems of surviving" 6.8 0.9 considerable from 106 to 104 not efficient not efficient
4 KOROS-VP-11 Great Britain-Sveden, Production of pharmaceuticals 43.0 1.6 considerable from 106 to 103 not efficient not efficient
5 Hydro-TOR USA, NASA (COSRAM) 7.3 0.6 no data, small working resourse (up to 300 hours) from 106 to 102 from 106 to 104 not efficient
6 Hydro-Flow USA (UV-6 series) 1.0 (specifiec 200) 0.4 considerable from 106 to 103 no data no data
7 Lazur M-05, Russia, JSC "Svarog" 8.3 0.04 none from 106 to 0 from 106 to 0 from 106 to 0
8 Lazur M-3, Russia, JSC "Svarog" 50.0 0.02 none from 106 to 0 from 106 to 0 from 106 to 0
9 Lazur M-10, Russia, JSC "Svarog" 170 0.01 none from 106 to 0 from 106 to 0 from 106 to 0
10 Equipment UOVO395.05-02 (DRB-40 lamp) JSC   "EGA + EGA Ltd" St.Petersburg 8.3 0.3 considerable from 106 to 3 no data no data

1. Data on overseas analogs are presented on the basis of materials taken from exhibitions and periodicals.

2.Testing of UV-6 and UV-12 Series of Hydro-Flow (USA) equipment, which were carried out in 736 Center of Sanepidnadzor (Supervising Bocy for Sanitory and Epidimiology Control) under the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, has shown that technical characteristics proclaimed by the manufacturer do not correspond to the factually measured ones. For instance, UV-6 demonstrates sufficient anti bacteria activity (but still considerably less then that of Lazur M-05) only under 30-40 Liters per hour productivity rate instead of 200 Liters per hour specified by the manufacturer. Purified water does not conform to the requirements of GOST (State Adopted Standards) of Russia specified for drinking water.

3. Information on "Lazur" equipment series.

3.1. "Lazur" equipment series are the only among all other equipment manufactured in Russia which were officially certified in accordance with the requirements of San PiN applicable from 01.01.1998.

3.2. Cost of disinfecting 1 Liter of water falls in 0.02-0.04 $US range with calculations being made on the basis of exploitation cost obtained over the results of 3 year period of continuous work of the equipment on one of the sites, and includes all exploitation costs completely.

3.3. Power needed for equipment of "Lazur" series is less then 8 Watt per 1 Cubic Meters of water. The same parameter of overseas analogs is 50 Watt  per 1 Cubic Meters of water and upwards. "Lazur" device can can operate with both power Supply unit (220-230V, 50Hz) and DC Battery 12V.

3.4. Equipment of "Lazur M-3" type is used for purifying water from  soluble organic substances (oil products in particular) with concentrations of the latter being in the range of 2 mgr./L-0.05 mgr./L.

3.5. Starting from the second half of 1998 "Lazur" series are being equipped by power supply units with programmed control, which provide ultra long life (up to 16000 hours) and high stability for emitters. This beats the same parameters of all existing overseas and domestic analogs and makes it possible to purify water (up to 0) from bacteria, spores and viruses (hepatitis, poliomyelitis and other).

4. In domestic ultra violet disinfecting devices, produces by LIT Company (Moscow), JSC "EGA" (St. Petersburg) and other manufacturers use emitters which are of the same type as a very popular in the past antibacteria Lamp DB-40. Life time of such lamps equals to 7000 hours. These devices do not work properly under unsteady power supply conditions and cause interferences in electricity. They suppress only the weakest spices of the pathogen bacterial micro flora and do not conform to the requirements of SanPiN. The devices are susceptible to salination and micro flora coverage processes which in time change all their characteristics for the worse.



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